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“The Siata 750 Spyder was one of the first imported cars in the [H Mod] class. These charming little machines were bodied by Bertone, and you could get them stripped and install your own Crosley engine. They had big aluminum brakes and Borrani wire wheels, and the small cars were well balanced and had predictable, almost neutral handling.

Many ranking amateur drivers started out in Siata Spyders, including Chuck Stoddard, later an SCCA national champion. Stoddard comments, 'it was the epitome of what a real sports car is supposed to be - a beautifully proportioned car and very competitive.'

Al Beasley, Kaye Hier, Dick Yates, Herb Whiting and Dick Brown also had Spyders. Beasley raced his Siata for three years at places like Put-in-Bay, Road America, Louisville Fairgrounds, Montgomery (New York) and Daytona. The little 750 had lively acceleration and great handling, but could only reach 90 mph. 'At Daytona, I could get up on the bank,' Beasley recalls, 'but it only made the course longer because I could drive at top speed at the bottom.'”1


“The Amica '49' (using only the name from the pre-war car) was introduced in 1949. This used a tubular chassis with a body designed by Siata but built by Bertone. The mechanicals came from the Fiat 500B (later from the 500C) including the engine, which was a 569cc four cylinder unit, using the Siata cylinder head, with 22 bhp - enough to propel the car to about 100 km/h. A Siata 750cc engine with 25 bhp was also available. Later came the Amica 51 (in 1951) and then, in 1956, the Amica 56 which used the chassis from the Fiat 600. Some cars were also built for the USA, in which market they used a 721cc Crosley engine.”2


“Around 50 of these cabriolets based on the Amica were built.”2


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Marty Stein and his 1952 Siata 300BC 750cc at the 2006 Historic Motor Sport Association races in Reno.3

Marty Stein, 1952 Siata 300BC 750cc, at 2006 Wine Country Classic.4

Marty Stein at the 2006 HMSA races in Reno.3

Marty Stein and his 1952 300BC 750cc in front of Gary Winiger and his 1954 Siata 300 BC 1100cc.5

1952 300BC spider.2

1950 Amica.2

1953 208s.
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