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Brand X Chassis

H Modified, D Sports Racer


Engine: Saab 750GT

Builder: Joe Christ

Current Owner: Charles Christ


This car, being home built and assembled from numerous components from other manufacturers gives it a unique identity  unto itself. Thus the name "Brand X".


Chassis #1 (of 2 made) is an Elva Mk6 copy, and the only Elva copy recognized by the Elva registry!


The body was made by Beach and Grady (Begra) in Florida and came from the wreck of Frank Stark's Begra Mk3 sports racer in the mid 1960's.


The car was first campaigned in 1967.

It was a DSR with a LeGrand body when Charles bought it back and restored it back to it's original configuration a number of years ago.


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Turkey Bowl event. Location? Date?1


1Information and photos provided by Charles Christ.

Revised: November 16, 2006.

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