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  • Begra Sports racers were built by Gene Beach and Henry Grady from 1959 to 1962.
  • Henry Grady later also built these two other sports racers below.


Nick England hosts a
Grady Sports Racer page.


Nick England states that, "The Grady-Alfa was built by Henry Grady, in 1967, I believe. It ran in SCCA's class CSR after 1967 which had a 1300cc limit I believe. If it ran in 1967 SCCA would have classed it GSR or FSR, and before 1967 they would have called it GM or FM.

This car was driven by Ron Hutchinson (FL) in Southeast Divisional races in the 1960's.

It was tTraded in late 60's to someone in North Carolina.

Its currently owned by Barry LeVan of Pennsylvania.

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grady-alfa-01.jpg (135963 bytes)

grady-alfa-01.jpg (135963 bytes)



This car was originally powered by twin Honda 305cc motorcycle engines. The car also known later as the "Honda Maru" (Maru means boat or ship).

It was very successful in DSR 1968-72.

Henry Grady is pictured standing next to the car #31.

Ken Kaplowitz says that the car started with the twin Honda 305cc engines, then went to twin 350cc Hondas, then a single Honda 750 punched oout to ~800cc.

National Championships

Ray Mummery raced the car at the 1968-69 American Road Race of Champions.

Harry Stephenson raced the car at the 1970 ARRC as a Grady Honda.

He also raced at the 1971 ARRC as a Honda Maru and won the DSR National Championship.

Stephenson raced the Maru at the 1972 ARRC and repeated as the DSR National Championship.

Its current location is unknown.

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Henry Grady

el-6909-15.jpg (98788 bytes)
Ray Mummery
September, 1969
Virginia Intl Raceway

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1Photos from Nick England's Grady Sports Racer page.

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