Thursday, November 16, 2006

Huge H Mod Gathering in Early 2007

Pass the word and drag those old cars out of the garage. Plans are underway for the largest H Mod event in history, to occur during the spring of 2007 at a West Coast race track.

Marty Stein, who is coordinating the race group, has been working with the Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA) to secure a dedicated race group for small displacement sports racers. The location will most likely be Laguna Seca, and will take place in the April time frame. Marty says “This thing is really snowballing. I'm sure not everyone who is interested will actually enter, but we have over 30 potential entries with 24 already expressing interest.”

Car eligibility is per HMSA's normal classes:
Class B-2: 1947-1955 Sports Racing cars under 1500cc
Class C-1: 1955-1960 Sports Racing cars under 2000cc
Class D: 1959-1965 Sports Racing cars

Car preparation will be to HMSA car prep rules, which are pretty straightforward and should not be a problem for anyone with vintage club affiliation. If you have any questions about car eligability or tire requirements, contact Marty Stein.

Driver eligibility is also per HMSA driver prep rules. All vintage clubs belong to the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC), and thus any recognized club affiliation will suffice. VMC or other licenses are NOT required. Neither is HMSA membership ... only payment of the entry fee.

The tentative entry list already includes:

  • Don Racine
Beach Mk IVB
  • John Rankin
  • Jamie Pfiefer
  • Rich Campbell
Brand X-Saab
  • Charles Christ
Crosley Hotshot
  • Marylou Robson
  • Mark Brinker
  • Stephan Booth
Fiat-Crosley Special
  • Bill McCann
  • David Lambert
Jabro MkI-Crosley
  • Lou Pavesi
Kangaroo MkI-Fiat
  • Fred and Annie Plotkin
LeGrand MkII-Fiat
  • AA "Gus" Chofre
  • Franklin Rudolph
Nardi Frua-Crosley
  • Don Baldocchi
Nichols Fairchild-Panhard
  • Don Racine
  • Lee Osborn
Siata 300BC
  • -Fiat: Gary Winiger
  • -Crosley: Marylou Robson
  • -Crosley: Marty Stein
  • T-5: Gene Leasure
  • J.F. Boone
Thundermug (Dale Tholen's)
  • Chuck Wood
  • Rich Campbell

If you are interesting in participating in this race group, either
join the H Mod Yahoo discussion group, or contact Marty Stein via email at .

Historic Motor Sports Association is one of the most respected historic racing organizations in the United States, producing world class events across the country. HMSA members own, restore, preserve and race the most historic and valuable sports and racing cars in the world.
HMSA events feature historic production cars built through 1966 and purpose built Formula, Sports Racing and IMSA cars built through 1984.

HMSA was created in 1977 to serve as the sanctioning body for premiere historic racing events such as the world famous Monterey Historic Automobile Races and mandates that the cars race as they were and not what they could have been (historically correct within time period the car originally raced).

[ HMSA ]

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