Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Radical Cup US Series in 2007

The series is comprised of 8 races within the Southeast U.S., with Radicals competing in three classes (1300cc, 1500cc, other) based on engine displacement. Race weekends will consist of a 90 minute endurance race and two 30 minute sprint races. Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each class. Each participant will also be eligible to receive points towards the Radical Cup Championship.

Radical Sportscars has formed a new American subsidiary, to be known as “Radical North America”. The company will be headed by Larry Huang, US racing veteran and former technology entrepreneur, and Chris Hall, professional driver/instructor.

Radical North America will focus on developing a one-make Radical series, the Radical Cup, to complement the SCCA and IMSA-sanctioned series in which Radical owners currently compete. The new Radical subsidiary will also operate as a distributor in the Atlanta area.

The Radical Cup is an amateur racing series for owners of Radical Sportscars. Sponsored by Radical North America, the Radical Cup series is designed to provide a professional and family friendly weekend environment for both novice and experienced drivers, to safely experience the performance of their Radicals.

The Radical Cup, will run at venues including Sebring Raceway, Barber Motorsport Park, Daytona International Speedway and Homestead Miami International Raceway.

Radical North America will provide track side spare parts and technical support to all participants. Arrive and drive services, private coaching and data analysis will also be available.

Radical North America will also offer the innovative, “Rookie-to-Racer” program designed to safely and methodically help the rookie driver develop the skills necessary to compete in the Radical Cup. “The Radical Cup is not a professional or professional feeder series. If you aspire to be a professional paid driver we would be happy to refer you to an appropriate series,” says CEO Huang.

Huang reiterates, “The Rookie-to-Racer program and the Radical Cup series are targeted at automobile enthusiasts who have successful careers but are looking for a way to experience driving a technically advanced race car and to learn the skills associated with racing.”

Radical co-founder, Mick Hyde elaborates, “The US is a large market, with potential to be our biggest. With Larry and Chris now on board as part of the Radical team and with the help of our US distributors, I am confident that we can repeat our achievements in Europe, also in America.”

Huang says, “The Radical Cup is an appealing alternative to both aspiring and veteran racers. The combination of performance and safety, with lots of track time and low operating costs should be an attractive proposition for a wide range of potential competitors.”

Hall says, “Radicals are truly remarkable race cars. The combination of high power, low weight and high-downforce aerodynamics allow these cars to perform at levels that exceed purpose-built race cars costing significantly more. The use of well-proven designs and high quality engineering insures both reliability and low operation costs. In addition, Radical has incorporated the latest innovations in safety by using technologies developed for Le Mans prototype cars. The Radical provides a unique opportunity for both veterans and novice drivers to get involved in the race experience. Veterans can get in these cars and become competitive immediately, and it’s also fantastic for amateurs to learn in and grow with.”

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