Friday, October 06, 2006

Sirianni Tests SSR1 at Beaver Run

Mike Sirianni tested his new car at Beaver Run and was with in a couple of seconds of his previous best time. This was accomplished while breaking in an engine and not reving it over 9,000 RPMs.

Sirianni 's crew chief, Michael Devins, reported that "Overall impressions of the car were very favorable. Mike did a 59 flat with no chassis tuning except for one spring change at the rear while the track was cold (mid 50's), and while still breaking in the new motor. The LSR Prince took 2 years of development to get to a 57 in perfect conditions."

After the third session, Mike got a call from home and had a family emergency. The practice session was cut short. Because of the limited testing time and the family issues, Mike decided not try to take the new car to the 2006 Runoffs.

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