Monday, October 02, 2006

New 2007 Speads RS07A Shown

Racing Concepts LLC now have displayed their revised car which is being offered as a 2007 model, the Speads RS07A. The new car features "substantially revised aero package." The rolling chassis is designed to take any type or capacity of motorcycle engine.

The RS07A is a new car for DSR and CSR racing in the SCCA. As with previous models, the RS07A will accept most any motorcycle engine/transmission and retains the immensely strong tubular chassis for ease of maintenance and repair. The new design preserves the strength of chassis and mechanical grip present in the earlier models and adds a substantially revised aero package, designed by noted aerodynamicist Paul Haas, consisting of revised floor, twin diffusers (tunnels) and revised bodywork. Mechanically, revisions include revised suspension geometry, adjustable pushrods, larger foot box, and floating brake rotors with radial mount wildwood calipers. The braking, in a word, is fantastic.

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