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SPEADS Chassis 

RS04 Sports Racer

The RS04 is suitable for DSR or CSR. It's sold in the United States by Racing Concepts LLC.

The car is built in the United Kingdom by Speads Racing Cars.

The RS04 sports racer version of the car is assumed to be the RM04 single seat formula car chassis with sports racer bodywork installed.

Bob Schader won the first SCCA DSR National race for the SPEADS chassis on May 31, 2004 at Pikes Peak International Raceway.

Early bodywork images

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Finished Bodywork

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RS5.jpg (116704 bytes) More on the right


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RM04 Formula Car

It's not clear how this model differs from the RM02.

RM04 specifications:
Wheelbase = 104.33"
Front Track = 59"
Rear Track = 55"
Weight = 705 to 728 lbs without driver
Engine = Designed to take any capacity motorcycle engine

 Specifications - SPEADS RM02A
 Chassis  Tubular Steel
 Bodywork  GRP (High Quality Gel Coat
 Wheelbase  104.33 inches
 Track  Front - 59 inches
   Rear - 55.1 inches
 Suspension  Inboard by push rods
 Front and Rear
 Weight  720 lbs without driver(approx)
 depending on engine.
 Dampers  Gaz Shocks (26 adjustments)
 2-way optional extra
 Wheels  Kodiak 3 piece with
 aluminum forged centers
 Tires  Hoosier 20 x 7.5 x 13 Front
 Hoosier 22 x 9 x 13 Rear
 Brakes  Wilwood 4 piston Front,
 2 piston Rear
 Brake Lines  Exact
 Differential  Quaife ATB
 Seat Belts  T.R.S.
 Fire Extinguisher  Lifeline

SPEADS RM04 Sales Flier
(Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

Autosport article on the SPEADS RM04 in their February 12, 2004 edition. (Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

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