Thursday, October 12, 2006

Runoffs® Race Grids Set After Qual 4

Last chance qualifying was the order of the day.


Hans Peters and his Swift 014 Viking was third following Wednesday's Qual session 3, but jumped to the CSR pole position today by being the only driver to break into the 1:31s with a 1:31.996 lap. Wade Carter in his Swift 008 Viking dropped on spot to outside front row, standing on his 1:32.780 time from Wednesday, after only mustering a 1:35.247 out of 3 laps completed today. Mark Jaremko in his "DSR spec" Stohr WF1-BPS likewise dropped to third using his 1:33.222 lap also from Wednesday qualifying. Kerry Jacobsen in a Panoz Elan Dp02 improved his time to a 1:34.517 and retains forth place on the grid. Ken Davis will be on the inside of the third row in fifth with his Lola's after improving his best time to 1:37.597. 17 CSR drivers have posted times for tomorrow morning's race.


Matthew DiRenzo retained the top spot in S2 with his JRE SR-71F car, by being the only S2 driver to crack into the 1:40s with a 1:40.971 lap. After sitting out the final two qualifying session, Mark Mercer and his Lola 91/90 stay in second based on his 1:41.417 lap from Tuesday. John Fergus stays in third after setting a 1:42.282 with his Carbir CS2 also on Tuesday. Mark Hardymon drove his Carbir CS2 quicker today, improving his time to 1:42.562, to maintain his forth place spot. M. Bart Wolf and his Carbir CS2.5 (1:43.238) leap-forgged Micheal Baultz and his Lola T90/90 (1:43.257) by only 19 thousanths of a second to take over fifth with Baultz in sixth.


With no one able to better his best lap from Wednesday, J.R. Osborne in his Stohr WF1 stayed on top of the charts with his best time in Qual 3 (1:33.340). Mark Jaremko stay on the outside front row base on his best lap from Monday (1:33.377) in his Stohr WF1-BPS. John Bender in the factory West WR 1000 improved his time to a 1:34.756 to retain third spot. David Rigon also improved his time, in the factory Gloria B6S, to a 1:36.126 to keep his forth spot.