Friday, October 13, 2006

Hans Peter is CSR Runoffs® Champ

Hans Peters claimed the SCCA's CSR National Championship this morning in his Swift 014 Viking after taking the pole in last chance qualifying yesterday. Under sunny sky and 6 MPH winds, but 36 degree temperature, Peters had a seamingly comfortable win at the Heartland Park Topeka track. He took the lead on lap 5, and later allowed the gap to second place to reduce to 1.8 seconds at the checkered flag. Peters turned a 1:32.449 fastest lap early in the race, compared to his best qualifying time of 1:31.996.

“I thought that I made a good start, but maybe they caught me during a shift,” Peter said of his start. “I don’t quite know what happened, but they just motored away from me. So I just tucked in behind both of them [Wade Carter and Mark Jaremko] and waited for something to happen. Mark went a little wide and just sort of slid off, so I got inside of him. Then I got up to Wade and just got up underneath him. Then I selected an area of the track where I thought I was quicker and just took him.”1

2nd Place

Mark Jaremko in his "DSR spec" Stohr WF1-BPS followed Peters across the finish line in second, turnig a best lap of 1:33.324 compared to his qual time of 1:33.222. He had started the race in third. Jaremko will now use the same car to lead the DSR race on Sunday from pole position.

3rd Place

After taking the lead in turn one of the start and leading the first three laps, Wade Carter in his Swift 008 Viking dropped back to forth after spinning on lap 4 at the exit of turn nine, going off course. He then recovered to repass Jacobson on lap 12 for the last position on the podium. Carter set the fastest lap of the race 1:33.091, early on lap 2, then later cranked off a few more 1:33s while recaturing the third spot. He finished 28.7 seconds behind the leader.

4th Place

Kerry Jacobsen in a Panoz Elan Dp02 finished in forth, with a best time of 1:35.654 set on lap 8, after starting seventh. Jacobs had set the forth fasted lap time in qualifying, but had times disallowed due to fuel irregularities in Qual 3, and a 3 position grid penalty for passing under a yellow flag. In the race, Jacobs was 14 seconds behind third place at the finish. His best qualifying effort was a 1:34.517 lap.

5th Place

Jim Downing and his Ralt RT41-JMS rounded out the top five, after starting in the sixth spot. Downing turned a 1:39.208 best lap en route to his fifth place finish, bettering his 1:40.850 qualifying time. Downing was down one lap to the race leader Peters.

[ Results via SCCA's Live Timing feed ]

Race Lap Notes

Time / Lap# / Lap Note

8:49:24am / 00 / The weather conditions at Heartland Park Topeka are sunny and 36 degrees, with winds out of the west at 6 mph.

8:56:51am / 01 / #74 Wade Carter takes the lead in turn one.

9:03:37am / 01 / #74 Carter leads, followed by # 2 Jarmeko.

9:04:13am / 02 / The top five are #74 Carter, followed by #2 Mark Jarmeko, #66 Hans Peter, #64 Ken Davis, and #38 Kerry Jacobsen.

9:05:53am / 02 / #64 Davis, who was running fourth is off course at Turn 8, car has some damage.

9:06:44am / 03 / #74 Carter continues to lead.

9:08:00am / 04 / #66 Peter passes #74 Carter in Turn Six for the lead.

9:09:08am / 04 / #74 Carter spins exiting Turn Nine and is off course.

9:09:47am / 05 / #66 Peter has the lead.

9:10:26am / 07 / Top five are #66 Peter, with a 4.677-second lead over #2 Jaremko, followed by #38 Jacobsen, #74 Carter and #6 Downing.

9:16:13am / 09 / #66 Peter has opened up a 7.244-second lead over #2 Jaremko, followed by #38 Jacobsen, #74 Carter and #6 Downing.

9:18:39am / 10 / #66 Peter continues to widen his lead over #2 Jaremko.

9:19:41am / 11 / #66 Peter leads #2 Jaremko by 7.379-seconds, followed by #38 Jacobsen, #74 Carter and #6 Downing.

9:21:51am / 12 / #74 Carter passes #38 Jacobsen for third.

9:23:01am / 12 / The top five are #66 Peter, followed by #2 Jaremko, #74 Carter, #38 Jacobsen and #6 Downing.

9:23:38am / 13 / #66 Peter leads by #2 Jaremko by 7.490-seconds.

9:24:35am / 14 / #66 Peter leads #2 Jaremko by 5.704-seconds with four laps remaining.

9:25:51am / 14 / #2 Jaremko was more than two seconds faster than #66 Peter on the last lap.

9:26:42am / 15 / The top five are #66 Peter, followed by #2 Jaremko, #74 Carter, #38 Jacobsen and #6 Downing.

9:28:21am / 16 / #2 Jaremko was nearly 3.5-seconds faster on the last lap than the race leader #66 Peter.

9:29:19am / 16 / #0 Miller is in pit lane.

9:30:22am / 16 / #0 Miller has a flat right front.

9:30:46am / 17 / #66 Peter leads #2 Jaremko by 3.173-seconds on the final lap.

9:31:17am / 18 / Checkered Flag for #66 Peter, who wins by 1.826-seconds over #2 Jaremko, followed by #74 Carter, #38 Jacobsen and #6 Downing.

9:33:16am / 18 / This is Hans Peter, of Overland Park, Kan., first SCCA National Championship.

Time is for reference only and is cued from the Central Time Zone

1 [ Peter Captures First SCCA C Sports Racing National Championship At Heartland Park ]

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