Friday, November 04, 2005

Phoenix Offers Cash Prizes in 2006

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. has announced their contingency award program for the 2006 racing year. The program allows drivers of the Phoenix DSR-1 and CSR-1 Sports Racers to earn cash prizes for winning races in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). Not only do the incentives reach out to SCCA National competition, but also now includes prizes for winning SCCA Regional races.

“We initiated this contingency program as an incentive to our customers to get their cars out there and race,” said Matt Conrad, General Manager of Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. “We were the first Sports Racer manufacturer to offer such a program and we are definitely proactive in making sure we provide the best incentives possible.”

The breakdown of cash rewards is as follows:
Regional Race Win $100
National Race Win $250
Regional Championship $500
Division Championship $1,000
June Sprints Win $2,500
National Championship $5,000

Last year Jeremy Treadway was the only driver that cashed in on the program, earning $1,000 for his efforts in the Northeast Division. Unfortunately, while leading the CSR race at the Runoffs, an electrical gremlin in his Stonebridge Sports & Classics prepared CSR-1 scuttled his chances to earn the $5,000 prize for a SCCA National Championship victory.

In total, there is nearly $100,000 in available cash awards nationwide. Details on the program can be obtained by contacting Matt Conrad at 623.581.3222.

For more information, contact Matt Conrad at Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. at 623-581-3222 or visit them online at