Friday, September 23, 2005

Loyning Claims CSR National Championship

Arnie Loyning, of Portland, Oregon, captured his first National Championship today, taking the C Sports Racing class win at the 2005 SCCA National Championship Runoffs® at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Eric Vassian, of Atlanta, Georgia, claimed the silver medal after starting forth, and Bill Goldkind, of Holbrook, New York, completed the top-three after starting in the eigth place slot.

Driving the No. 27 Loyning Engine Service Swift Viking, Loyning and polesitter Jacek Mucha went side-by-side into the opening turn. The two made contact in the esses resulting in Mucha off course, with third place starter Rennie Clayton also caught up in the incident.

After making contact, Loyning continued, holding the lead ahead of Jeremy Treadway, who moved up from his seventh place starting position. Battling for the lead with Loyning, the duo ran nose-to-tail for several laps, before Treadway took the lead on lap four. After briefly falling back, Loyning closed the gap and began looking for a way past Treadway.

Entering the esses on lap 10, Loyning got alongside Treadway and retook the lead. Immediately after relinquishing the lead, Treadway slowed and pulled off-course. With a lead of over the 20 seconds, the best battle on course was for second between Mike McGinley and Richard Cottrill. Having secured the position, McGinley spun off-course on lap 17 and making contact with the tire barrier. Unchallenged to the checkered flag, Loyning crossed the start/finish winning by 37.969.

“I think that I left enough room for him [Mucha] and then I looked in my mirrors and saw cars all over the place,” said Loyning discussing the first turn incident. “[Later,]I was chasing Jeremy Treadway and I knew I could get past him. He was all over the track. He was strong on the straightaway, but I was faster in the corners. He was using all the road. My engine cut out a couple times during the race, but it always restarted. I don't know what was wrong. There were some lights on my dash, but I don't know what they meant! I hoped that my engine would not blow up into a ball of fire ---- I would have to say that my gearbox broke! It would not have been good for business.” (Note: Loyning builds and sells race engines.)

Thirteenth place starter Richard Cottrill, of Longmont, Colorado, finished fourth, and tenth place starter Jim Downing, of Atlanta, Georgia, completed the top-five.

[Editted from a story sourced from SCCA's news.]

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