Sunday, January 15, 2006

Homestead: Mucha wins CSR, Foyil DSR

Report and photo by Travis Duder

Homestead is basically the Phoenix (PIR) road course on steroids. It is about 25% longer, 50% safer, a whole lot faster, and there is not another track in the world as smooth and as well maintained. And, SCCA got to use NASCAR turns 3 & 4 for the first time, which made it really fun. Really a great place to race!

Unfortunately the Sports Racers decided not to go racing this weekend as the entire grid was 8 cars (pathetic). Sebring was down by 25%, and now Homestead doesn't even get enough D's to make the "3.5 rule". What's going on?

The track is a quick study because it's a simple configuration ("horsepower track"). I tested and got "quick" immediately and never could improve through the weekend. By the end of the test day the fuel pickup in the fuel cell was failing and it finally fell off at lap 1.5 in the race (of course.) My race ended on lap 2 with a permanent loss of fuel pressure. Roger Cook is still stuck with a terrible run of bad luck as he lost a valve during the start of the test day. He and Ben tried all weekend to get my fuel starvation issue resolved but between contaminated gas (alcohol?) and the pick up everyone was pretty frustrated by the end of the weekend. Hopefully Roger will get rid of the curse before Savannah.

Dario [Dorian] won the race and went extremely fast during the race and did a great job in his Stohr. I had hoped for a good race, but even if I had the chance to run hard, Dario was "The Man" for this race.

Race Results

1-Dorian Foyil
2-Charles Dipasquale
end of story!

1-Jacek Mucha
2-Michael Mallinen
3-William Falatick

Qualification Results

If you get a chance, you have to race this track! All the track people were very cooperative and nice.