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PBC Chassis

The Palm Beach Crosley

H Modified

October 1958 at Virginia Intl Raceway, Virginia

From an article in SCCA Sports Car Magazine:

“Sunday's first race saw the Class H modifieds pitted against 3 Alfa Veloces, 3 Porsches, 3 MG A's and 4 Berkeleys. 'Twas rather interesting! Class H was diversely represented by the Italian marques of OSCA, Bandini and Stanguellini, while American engineering gave the Special builders much to ruminate over in the Saab-engined Martin Tanner Special and the well-remembered PBC of Tom Clark.

The 'Palm Beach Crosley', long campaigned by Dr. Hooper Johnson and Ed Welch, brought about the interest in 750cc racing in this area several years ago. It disappeared into mechanical limbo after disintegrating its Moretti engine at Cumberland three years ago-it certainly resurrected well!

Tom and Sandy McArthur in his Stanguellini circulated as if tied together for the entire 20 laps, the PBC nosing out the Italian car at the finish by less than a second.”1



1Story clip from the VIR History website.

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