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     - aluminum honeycomb
     - buck material
     - carbon fiber
     - fiberglass
     - calipers
     - ducting
     - lights
     - master cylinders
     - pads
     - rotors
carbon fiber
chain for motorcycle engines
CV joints
dash systems / gauges
data acquisition systems
engines by type
engine shop manuals
     - headers / header material, kits
     - mufflers
fuel cells
fuel test ports
headers / header material, kits
jacks and jack stands
     - brake
     - rain
     - shift
master cylinders
oil dry sump systems
oil pans & baffles
rain lights
rear center bearing carriers
shift lights
shifter cables
shocks / dampers
     - aerodynamic analysis
     - chassis design
     - suspension design / analysis
sprockets (motorcycle chain)
steering racks
     - arms
     - springs
     - uprights
throttle cables
tie downs
wheel bearings

aluminum honeycomb

  • Teklam
    "If you buy a 4x8 sheet, you will get a quick response and a good price from these guys." Craig Bramscher
  • McMaster Carr
    "You can also get smaller pieces from them." Marty Nygard
  • axles

  • Fast Forward, Inc. - 831-899-3636. Try Doug Learned at
    "For axles and hub carrier castings (former TDC parts) used on A-Mac, Cheetah, etc." Bill Lomenick
  • Rancho in CA - 714-680-6737.
    "I had them make a set of shortened axles for me." Ken Kaplowitz
  • Taylor Race Engineering
    "You can get axles from Craig Taylor in a variety of lengths. I believe they are $175 each." Dennis Palatov
  • batteries

  • bodywork

  • Beasley Fiberglass
  • brake calipers

  • AP Racing
    ....Essex Parts (AP Racing US distributor)
  • Brembo
  • EBC Brakes
  • Galfer Brakes
  • Hayes Brakes
  • Performance Friction
  • Stoptech
  • Wilwood Engineering
  • brake ducting

  • brake lights

  • brake pads

  • Carbotech, Larry Narcus
    2407 S. Post Road
    Shelby, NC 28150
  • brake rotors

  • Wilwood "They make PN 170-2637 that appears to match the requirements for 4x100 brake rotor hats." Barry
  • buck material

  • TAP Plastics; TAP X-30 Polyurethane Foam
    "This material works better than the green flower foam in my experience, as it is a much harder material. Keep in mind that you cannot hotwire urethane foam, if that is a concern.
    The two-part expanding foams such as this would typically be poured into a hollow former immediately after mixing - you let it expand into the volume and let harden, then shape it later with shurfoam files or hacksaw blades and rough sandpaper. This foam needs to be contained while it is expanding, otherwise it runs all over the place and sticks and bonds to everything, including your clothes." Rennie Clayton
  • General Plastics; LAST-A-FOAM® FR-7100 Modeling Foam
    "You need urethane foam, you can bondo it, prime, paint, glass over it any thing. if your parts are small, you can buy small packs of usable green foam from florists or flower and garden shops [the kind they stick the flowers into for arrangements]. If you need larger (2'x8'x2-4-6") try the link [above]. They also have tooling board which is very dense, and more expensive, but works like soft wood. Glue it together with bondo. I usually thin it down with poly resin to make the joints thin, makes it easier to sand. The florist foam is not real dense (i.e. largeporosity), but you're coating and finishing the surface any way. Largely it's cheap and works! Good luck." Dave Craddock
  • Melamine board
    "If you are wanting to make molds of square things like boxes and what-not, that don't involve compound curves or fillets, then you're almost better off using melamine board screwed together to construct the mold. That, and glass work out pretty well for flat surfaces." Rennie Clayton
  • Styrofoam
    "I have used Styrofoam covered with dry wall compound on an air box and a body. The advantages are that it is cheap and easy to sand (you can use a damp sponge for faring). The disadvantages are it is very soft (you can dent it leaning on it while sanding), the dry wall compound must be applied in fairly thin layers, and ALL the foam must be completely covered before painting or glassing (see the nice holes solvents can make). This is not a recommendation, just another alternative." Chuck Smith
  • carbon fiber

  • chain for motorcycle engines

  • Beasley Fiberglass
  • clutch

  • Barnett spring for motorcycle clutches:
  • Wilwood slave cylinder.
  • CV joints

  • Taylor Race Engineering
    "They sell and can explain the VW CV's." Lee Stohr
  • dash systems / gauges

  • data acquisition systems

  • differentials

  • Taggart Performance Engineering, Inc. and
    Taylor Race Engineering

    "Both sell chain drive Quaife ATB differentials." Ken Taggart
  • Quiafe
  • engines by type

  • engine shop manuals

  • fasteners/hardware

  • McMaster Carr
    "a great web site with drawings for most fasteners."
  • AN hardware: Aircraft Spruce
  • fiberglass supplies

  • fuel cells

  • ATL
  • Fuel Safe
  • fuel test ports

  • headers, material, kits

  • Prince Race Car Engineering,
    contact Pat Prince
    "He has a jig for making R1 exhaust systems (Graves Motorsports specs), including the side exhaust system for the Van Diemen DSR. He has also made them for Radical, Cheetah, A-Mac etc. They are very high quality in mild steel or stainless." Tom Robertson
  • Mark's Performance,
    "Mark built all the early model (side exhaust) systems for Stohr. He builds that system in either mild steel and stainless. Lee, is currently using a slightly different design (it exhausts upwards) but I think that the exhaust system is still being built by the same outfit." Hasty Horn
  • hubs

  • jacks and jack stands

  • lifts

  • master cylinders

  • mufflers

  • oil dry sump systems

  • Beasley Fiberglass
  • Taggart Performance Engineering, Inc. "They can also supply dry sump systems for the Kawasaki ZX12 and the Yamaha R1." Ken Taggart
  • oil pans & baffles

  • radiators

  • Griffin Radiators
  • Custom Aluminum Radiator Warehouse
    "I haven't used these guys but they have a good selection of cores to build" pstockley
  • Ron Davis
    "I've had good luck with their racing radiators. They will be happy to calculate the size needed. For our uses many people have used the VW radiator, I had severe overheating with a stock unit. As soon as I changed to the Ron Davis unit the problem was solved. They make a direct replacement for the VW unit. They call it a Scirocco radiator that is used primarily in drag cars." Dave (fastercar)
  • Howe Racing Radiators
  • Spal Advanced Technologies
  • rain lights

  • rear center bearing carrier

  • Beasley Fiberglass. Beasley spool and sprockets. Contact Ben Beasley at 440-357-6644 or Email
  • Omni Fab
  • Fast Forward, Inc. - 831-899-3636. Try Doug Learned at
  • shifter cables

  • shift lights

  • shocks

  • Shock Shop, 18601 NW Reeder Rd Portland, OR 97231, (503) 621-0621, or toll free (866) 621-0621, contact Chris Billings. A dealer for Íhlins, Penske and Fox employing critical damping analysis to identify a starting point for shock valving and settings. This method has proven very successful with the Stohr cars.
  • sprockets (motorcycle chain)

  • Sprocket Specialists
  • software

         - aerodynamic analysis

         - chassis design

         - suspension design / analysis

    steering racks

  • Continental Racing Services, contact Jim Morsch, (513) 459-8888. "Jim can get Titan racks and parts." Scott Chesser
  • Jack Knight in the UK, contact is is Jeffrey Gibons, phone: 01483 764326, fax: 01483 769893. "I got very good service from them" weisseule1 on the forum
  • Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies
  • Titan's US rep is Andy Antipas, (970) 963-8297
  • salvage yard Porsche rack from 914, early 911s and 930s
  • suspension arms

  • suspension springs

  • throttle cables

  • "I had good luck with an extra heavy duty Shimano Mountain Bike Shifting cable with a nylon lined sheath. Pretty cheap and was reliable for me." Scott Chesser
  • "Go to a good bicycle shop and buy bulk cable by the foot. They sell it in several sizes and colors and have all the cable ends to make it up for you. Make sure and try to get cable with an inner liner as your run will be long and you need inner liner to make less friction." Rex Urban
  • "Go to a motorcycle shop and get 1.5mm throttle cable, and 2mm teflon lined cable housing. This will provide plenty of slipperiness. This has worked fine for many years with no problems. If you know what type of ends you need and the lengths, a good shop can provide you with the ready made setups." Ted Arken
  • "If you have the length you need for the cable and the sheathing and the size ball ends you need, Barnett Clutches makes cables to your specs and they aren't any more expensive than if you were buying a stock one." Rodney
  • tie downs (trailer)

  • Macs Custom Tie Downs
    "Awesome catalog with many variations as well as quality product." Jim
  • Racer Wholesale
  • tires - new

  • Avon
  • Southwest: Sierra Tire, 800-373-7390 (link redirects to Frisby)
  • West: Aim Tires, 800-578-2071
  • East: Frisby Performance Tire, 800-798-7201
  • Hoosier Road Racing Tires
  • Goodyear Racing Tires, or contact Bob Shaffer (Sales & Marketing Manager for Sports Car Racing) at 330-796-4589 or email:
  • tires - used

  • Berget Tire, call John Berget at (262) 740-0180. "He sells 2-4 heat-cycled Hoosiers and GoodYears (maybe others) at a very reasonable price (around $200/set)." Mike Beauchamp
  • tubing

  • Dillsburg Aeroplane Works in Dillsburg, PA. 717-432-4589. The proprietor is Charles Vogelsong. An article about Dillsburg.
  • uprights (suspension bearing/hub carriers)

  • Fast Forward, 831-899-3636, contact Doug Learned
    "TDC uprights are used on A-Mac, Cheetahs and many homebuilts." Scott Chesser
  • Van Diemans:
    Britwest in Canada "has a 'one-size-fits-all-corners' upright that is reasonably priced. They provide great service, too." Mike

    John Hancock, 512-243-0642
    "He has dealt in Van Diemans for a long time, and may have some spare parts he would part with. I think you can still reach him at this number." Michael Alexander
  • Stohr
  • wheels

  • Jongblood
  • Keiser
  • Kodiak
  • Panasport
  • Real Racing Wheels
  • Weld Racing Wheels
  • wheel bearings

  • wings

  • "Try Pennon. They make great wings AND can assist you with which application or type of wing is right you and your car ... John Goss is who you would want to talk to." Geoff

    "Re:Pennon. I requested them to make carbon wings from some x&y coordinates I have for airfoils. There were three unique foils of 18" 14" and 7" chord lengths. The overall quote for CNC moulds and 5 foils made that would not have shiny carbon surfaces, but rather rough painable surfaces was $10,500." Oppenheimer
  • "Here's another option from Simon McBeath in the UK, . No experience with them but it looks interesting." Mike Beauchamp
  • Prince Race Car Engineering, 815-625-8116, contact Pat Prince
    "I just received a wing from Pat Prince for my Van Diemen conversion. It is an aluminum construction and is 65" wide. Turn around was good and the quality looks great." Mike Devins
  • Omni Fab, 408-492-1331, contact Bruce Sunseri.
    "Bruce has sold the Cheetah wing to individuals wanting one for their non-Cheetah car. ~64" wide. All aluminum construction. Center mount via two brackets." Tom Clayton

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