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Beasley Bodywork


Five different fiberglass body designs are available from Beasley Fiberglass:

  1. Beasley B-1; made to fit the LeGrand Chassis wheelbase is 86" +/- 6"
    width is 60" at the front and 63" at the rear.
  2. Beasley B-2; single seat, in 3 sizes.

    2A) It was originally made to fit a Ralt RT-5 with 8 and 10" tires.

    2B) Also a narrower version for the Lola T540.

    2C) For a Ralt RT-4 or 5 with 10 and 14" tires.
  3. Beasley B-3 is a single seat version of the Radical body.
  4. Decker 2 seat
  5. Hodges single seat.


For information, contact:

Ben Beasley at
Beasley Fiberglass
(440) 357-6644


Assembled bodywork
without a chassis

From the rear looking
forward "over the
driver's shoulder"

Closeup of the nose

From the nose
looking back

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Beasley Chassis


Revised: August 19, 2006.

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