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H Modified?

From an eBay Auction

Seller: junkman356
Item location: Akron, Ohio, United States

Here's the description from the auction:

“This very unique race car is an original Class H sports racer from the early '60's. Although it is disassembled, it is just about 100% complete as a survivor from its glory days. It has always been stored inside and there is no rust on the chassis.

We are not sure of the provenance and hope that some astute ebay members may help. The car was raced on the East Coast primarily. Some people have suggested that it may be a modified Jabro or an early Zink.

As you can see, it has a highly engineered chassis and a well proportioned body. Power comes from a three cylinder, two stroke SAAB engine which is mid-mounted. Gearbox, suspension and magnesium wheels are complete.

Even though the car is a project, it would truly be a special addition to any vintage event. It deserves to be back on the track, but i just have too many projects. As more information becomes avalable on this special car, I will update this listing.

As a race car, there is no title but I will provide a notarized bill of sale. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to bidding. I encourage personal or professional inspection. Payment is expected within seven days of auction's end. I can store the car for up to thirty days. Have fun and good luck!”1

February 01, 2007 Update

Bill Ironside reports, “I am the person who bought the car and after quite a bit of work, I believe the complete history of the car can now be told. Through the miracle of the Internet, help from an "automotive archeologist" and some plain old good luck, I was able to track down the second owner of the car and the mechanic who worked on the car at the end of it's racing life. The bodywork and chassis have been modified over the years, which is why so many people had a hard time identifying it. The seller on e-Bay thought it was one of the Zink Petite cars, but that appears to not be the case and it started life as a factory Jabro-Saab.

According to Skip Rempel:

The car was originally built by Ed Alsbury and sold to Dr. Dean Elder, a dentist out of Iowa. Skip purchased the car in the late 60's from Dr. Elder and raced it until the early 70's. He qualified for and was entered in the 1968 ARRC as car #41 but did not race. The car was then sold to Dick Grant (out of the St. Louis area?) and Skip said he lost track of it after that, but believed it was sold to someone on the east coast. Skip said the car was always white with a blue stripe and has always had the Saab 3 cyl engine.

According too Nick Julian:

Nick Julian works at the Wellwood Garage in upstate NY and maintained the car for the next owner in the 70's. According to Nick, the car was purchased by Dick Powsnower (sp?) from the Syracuse area who purchased it from someone in Missouri in about 1973. They added the odd front nose to the car and he believes it last raced in 1975 at Mosport. The car was then auto-crossed for a while and went though a series of owners in NY and the midwest before being offered on e-Bay by race car collector Myron Vernis.

One of the odd things about the car is that it contains a number of LeGrand parts (rear uprights, magneseum wheels, brakes & master cylinders). Neither Skip nor Nick could remember why.

I am putting together a better-written history for Tom's web site and will also include some better photos.

If anyne out there has photos or race results for any of the above-mentioned drivers, please let me know.”

Bill Ironside


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1Description and photos from ebay auction, Item number: 290063235740

Revised: February 01, 2007.

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