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Eric Scheible worked on, rebuilt, and raced the Kangaroo Mk2 for several years in the mid-1980s. After he and Ken Clayholt sold the Kangaroo, Eric built the Sheible SC 90K.

The Scheible SC 90K was loosely based on Bob Fox's Fox chassis expect Eric build it very heavy (1063 pound wet). The car did not handle very well until Eric re-designed the suspension, then it handled very well.

It was a classic garage built car. Eric borrow pieces from every type of car he could. The front is from a Formula Ford with the rear Tholand's Astech. The brakes were from a Triumph GT-6 and the radiators were from a Ford F150 truck that Eric cut in half. The car was powered by a Kawasaki 900 Ninja engine with a big bore kit. The car was covered with a modified body from a Tiga sports 2000.

Bruce Sunseri, Rich Navarra, Ken Clayholt and Eric drove the Sheible until Bruce finished designing and building the Cheetah chassis

The Scheible SC90K was totaled at Sears Point with Ken driving.


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1Information and photo provided by Eric Sheible.

Revised: November 02, 2004.

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