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Jacek Mucha's CSR


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Bill Ironside's CSR

1982 Ralt RT5 Formula Super Vee chassis, formerly owned by Jim Stinehelfer.

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Clark Lincoln's DSR

Clark Lincoln purchased the car in 2003(?) from Brian Little.


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photo by John Gacioch



The later "side pods only" version of the bodywork used on the Gove/Trueman Ralt RT2 and the Trueman March and the Guider Marguey. The unique bits were just the side pods to cover the wheels, which were used in conjunction with the standard Formula 2 center body.



Trueman_MidOhio_June1982.jpg (61654 bytes)
Mid-Ohio, June 1982



These were complete bodies used on Ralt RT1s from 1979 onwards. They were originally built by Tony Cicale, then Dick Guider did his own version and updates.

Info and photos of the RT2 and RT1 were provided by Dereck Harling.



Guider_Marguay_MidOhio_June1981.jpg (44080 bytes)
Guider Marguey
Mid-Ohio, June 1981



Also see the Beasley Chassis, as that may be a converted Ralt chassis as well.


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