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Lincspeed Body

Clark Lincoln's car

This is a converted Ralt RT-5 Formula Super Vee chassis which uses the original aluminum monocoque center section. 

Brian Little ran the car for many years in DSR, powered by a Honda CBR900 engine. The car now runs with a Honda 929 engine.

Clark Lincoln purchased the car in the fall of 2003 from Brian Little and performed bodywork changes over the winter getting ready for the 2004 race season.

undertray.jpg (42989 bytes)Bottom of new front diffuser.



front_crushbox.jpg (50022 bytes)Top of front diffuser showing crush box.



nose.jpg (31250 bytes)Nose on splitter showing how its leading edge also forms a splitter.


clinlittle1.jpg (47420 bytes)

clinlittle2.jpg (27294 bytes)

clinlittle3.jpg (37459 bytes)
photos above by Clark Lincoln

The wheelbase is 98".

Clark raced the car for the first time at Waterford Hills on May 2, 2004, and recorded a class victory.

At the end of July, 2004, Clark reports, "I have won 6 out of 7 races at Waterford (against a field of 6 other DSRs) and could have won the only National I ran at Grattan, but was back pedaling to cool it down and Phil Alsbach got past me - I'll never forgive myself for that! So, that was a 2nd in a National, but there was only the two of us."

Photos below were taken
at Waterford Hills
050204_byJohnGacioch.jpg (28324 bytes)
photo by John Gacioch

050204_byJohnWillyard.jpg (40950 bytes)
photo by John Willyard

062704_byNick Devink.jpg (57628 bytes)
photo by Nick Devink

050204_byJonFerguson.jpg (36864 bytes)
photo by John Ferguson

050204_byDonCastle.jpg (52062 bytes)
photo by Don Castle

050204_byRichSchultz.jpg (43617 bytes)
photo by Rich Schultz

052304_byJohnWillyard.jpg (87163 bytes)
photo by John Willyard


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