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Mk6A 76RS

Brian Evans owns a 1964 car that first ran with a 1.1 liter BMC A-series engine. It was upgraded to a 1.9 liter Martin Ford engine. The car currently runs a 1600cc push rod Ford engine.



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The photo on the right was taken in 2004, during the SOVERN Spring Fling event at Seattle International Raceway (old name) in Kent, WA.

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Mk29A FF

Merlyn Mk 29A Formula Ford chassis converted to DSR by Mike Butler (owner) and Gerry Strickfaden. They used a Datsun A12/13 engine and a Miller body that was purchased from Jeff Miller.

After Mike raced it a while, he started some modifications that never came to fruition.  Gerry completed the changes and sold the car to John Gordon, from Texas, in October 2001.


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Terry Green's Merlyn chassis. It may have been based on an Mk29 chassis. It has Triumph front uprights rather than the fabricated steel units used on the 29A.


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