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These are photos of a 1962 car when it was for sale on It sold for $6,000 in September 2001 as pictured.


This car was first raced by Charlie Burns who went on to be G-Mod National Champion in another Merlyn in 1964. It was later raced by Bud Kemp in the Southeastern Division. The November 1962 issue of Sports Car Graphic has a feature article on the Merlyn Mk4 which includes a cutaway.


  • would have run a Ford 1500 or Climax


  • Hewland or VW transaxle


  • multitubular space frame - mild steel
  • Front Suspension: a-arms, uprights, Armstrong dampers and springs
  • Rear Suspension: a-arms, uprights, Armstrong dampers and springs, missing 3 radius rods but 1 exists for a pattern
  • Steering: Triumph rack, column, and steering wheel
  • Brakes: alloy calipers c/w rotors
  • Wheels: incorrect but tradable, 2 GT 13x5-15, 2 Mamba modular 15x10


  • fiberglass sections with alloy sheet undertray
  • Nose section has headlamp buckets
  • doors have hinges and side screens
  • All panels and parts available from CRD (Merlyn) in England and other sources in the US.

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This is a photo of a 1963 car when it was for sale on Was offered for sale at $42,000 in September 2001.


This Merlyn was raced in SCCA events as a DSR and later as a CSR. The car was a complete basket case when the seller purchased it. Body molds were remade in England. Many parts had been modified or replaced when seller bought the vehicle and it was corrected with proper original parts. AN hardware was used throughout. This Merlyn is original and correct, having only been updated with modern safety equipment as required for racing purposes.


This car was restored in 1997 with the assistance of CRD (Colchester Racing Developments, the former Merlyn constructors in the UK) and has had no races since the restoration was completed.


  • 1100 cc MAE rebuilt by PHP Race Engines


  • Hewland MK4 rebuilt


  • Dampers: New Leda shocks
  • Front Suspension: A-Arm, springs
  • Rear Suspension: lower A-Arm, radius arms, springs
  • Wheels: Panasports. Original wheels "not recommended for racing"


  • fiberglass
  • windscreens
  • sheet metal and body fitting by Coast Fabrication


  • Removable steering wheel
  • Fire bottle
  • Original Smith gauges
  • Polished Aluminum sheet metal
  • Polished fuel cell container



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Mk6A 76RS

Brian Evans owns a 1964 car that first ran with a 1.1 liter BMC A-series engine. It was upgraded to a 1.9 liter Martin Ford engine. The car currently runs a 1600cc push rod Ford engine.



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