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The ME-4B:
Building a new old car

In early 2002, John found his original McCann ME-4 DSR for sale. Unfortunately, the negotiations to buy it back were unsuccessfully. So, John decided to build ME-4B S/N 002 from his original plans. John says, "Technically it was started and never finished in 1975... so I can vintage race with VARA."

August 2006

John again displayed his car, further along in its construction, at a local car show.

John received a First in Class award.


John McCann
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August 2005

John displayed his car, while under construction, at a local car show.


May 9, 2005

left.jpg (85564 bytes)

John reports, "I am almost ready to put it on the ground and install the Ocelot/ Suzuki motor Bob Orso ran in the '89? runnoffs."

rear.jpg (85120 bytes)

leftfront_quarter.jpg (83312 bytes)

front.jpg (87141 bytes)

leftrear_quarter.jpg (83617 bytes)


July 7, 2004

"My ME-4B is coming along.  The tub is 98% and the inboard brakes are mounted.  I am about to weld up the uprights and fab the suspension arms for the Aurora bearings.  Ordering a set of Panasport wheels with the "vintage" looking 'Mini-Lite' hubs will be [available] this fall.  I will probably not make it to the track (VARA) until the 2007 season, after testing and running a few Solos on the fall of 2006 - anyway it will be a blast to road race in my 70th year (2007)", John.

October 8, 2002

"I am making progress on my Vintage DSR. The aluminum tub sub frames are welded up and I am well into the monocoque tub - probably about 25% done. I bought a large lot of Suzuki GT-750/ TR-750/ Ocelot engines and spares from Bob Orso (love those big 40mm Lectrons)! At work (lunch time) I am converting my 1975 drawings to CAD (Solid Edge) which catches misfit problems before I make the parts. It will be a couple of years, but the journey is half the fun.", John.

exterior_view_ver[1].06_28_04.jpg (21334 bytes)

rear_subframe_assy_03_04c.jpg (220551 bytes)
Rear subframe assembly

trying_center_section_for_size.jpg (269600 bytes)
John tries out the new
center section, 2002

adding+the+naca+duct+rad.jpg (55760 bytes)

monocoque_tub_on_jig_table.jpg (241164 bytes)

August 14, 2002

"I am welding up the sub frames, and will soon start the monocoque tub. I will use the more reliable stock size 738CC Suzuki (850ccc Ocelot were not very reliable), brought up to TR-750 GP specs at about 105-110 HP - enough for a 65 year old.
 :) ", John.

Early 2002

John'ss first step was to update the drawings by entering them into a modern CAD program. As things were appropriately modeled, he began building the sister car.

chassis.jpg (46459 bytes)

exterior_view.jpg (52559 bytes)

inboard_front_brakes.jpg (69908 bytes)
Front inboard brakes

left_rear.jpg (44858 bytes)

rear_suspension_ISO_02-12-04.jpg (64206 bytes)
Rear suspension



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