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ME-4(A) Today

The current owner (2006) is Floyd Sable of Minnesota.

Wilbur Dowdle, owned the ME-4 as of early 2002, then had the car for sale in ~2004 as noted below.

He won three Regional championships in the early 1990s with the car.

When the car was run by Wilbur it was powered by a circa 1990 Yamaha FZR engine.

engine3.jpg (57737 bytes)

engine1.jpg (47423 bytes)

engine2.jpg (62332 bytes)

Also, the bodywork has changed from its earlier configuration, as noted on page 2.

S/N 001 has been re-bodied, re-engined, re-braked, and had a VW dry limited slip differential added, so John McCann refers to it as a ME-4A.

front_suspension1.jpg (40679 bytes)The inboard brake can be seen in this photo if you look closely.


front_suspension2.jpg (47068 bytes)

rear_suspension1.jpg (52662 bytes)

rear_suspension2.jpg (41957 bytes)

rear_suspension3.jpg (50271 bytes)

The car was seen listed for sale at Stonebridge Motor Cars on September 17, 2004, for $16,900. The photo taken inside the building are from their ad for the car.

John McCann
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badge.jpg (28688 bytes)

Floyd Sable at Elkhart Lake
July 2006

CSR-DSR body+molds.jpg (42845 bytes)

ontrack_rightfront.jpg (17792 bytes)
Wilbur Dowdle,
Watkins Glen, 1990s

front_right.jpg (62892 bytes)

front_left.jpg (66275 bytes)

cockpit.jpg (72332 bytes)

front.jpg (47302 bytes)

ad_seat.jpg (49876 bytes)

ad_right.jpg (44574 bytes)

ad_rear.jpg (48091 bytes)

ad_leftrear.jpg (48346 bytes)

ad_left.jpg (47797 bytes)

ad_front2.jpg (40350 bytes)

Derek Harling provided
many of these images
taken at a vintage race
at Watkins Glen in 2004


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