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Personal Prototype PP1

Track debuted on January 27-28, 2007.

"We are intending to build them for sale, either as a turn key piece or any sub-assembly. As the cars begin to sell, we will have a support vehicle that travels to races with a full supply of pieces etc and any technical help the car owners might need. We will start in the southeast and see how it goes. We plan to market a C and D car and definitely a track day model."1


Bodywork: Carbon/Kevlar

Undertrays: Carbon

Chassis: Chrome-moly with removable rear clip, housing the engine and suspension. Clips will be engine specific. The driver area is design to accomodate large guys.

Suspension: Pullrod activated, torsion bars front and rear, Penske dampers. Piper uprights.

Power: Yamaha R1 by Mallen Alley, with Taggart dry sump.

Differential assembly: Taylor/Taggart Quiafe on the first car. Will also be testing a spool.


Adam Malley, 4 time HP National Champion and Kevin Allen are doing this project together. Kevin says, "We both have had enough of being punished by the CRB for going quickly. A quick scan through the rulebook led us directly to C/DSR. If we end up being fast, it will be somewhat difficult to be singled out for a competition adjustment."1


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Test debut on January 27-28, 2007 at Roebling Road, Georgia.


"Adam and I have been working on the idea for about 3 years. We both have experienced lead trophies and in Adam's case, worse, from the CRB for our successes. The idea that we could compete in a class unencumbered by competition adjustments was mightily appealing. We have spent the last year and a half tossing ideas for the bodywork back and forth. As Adam started building the body buck this winter (2004-2005) we narrowed down our direction until we came up with what we have now. Our intent is for a car that uses the rules to achieve as much downforce as we can without piling on too much drag.

I'd love to spew some great diatribe on how it's all original thinking, but it really is a compilation of areas and approaches to particular problems that Adam and I like. So if imitation is the sincerest form, I'd like to think we are complimenting quite a few people. But it is OUR collection of stuff.

We intend to finish the first car and turn it around to finance two more, one for Adam and one for myself. After we get the D package sorted we will run one as a C and the other as a D."1


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Adam Malley's shop (770) 860-1777
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1Information and photos provided by Kevin Allen, and from the Mallen Alley Racing website

Revised: February 01, 2007.

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