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Personal Prototype PP1


Chassis: Chrome-moly with removable rear clip, housing the engine and suspension. Clips will be engine specific. The driver area is design to accomodate large guys.

Suspension: Pullrod activated, torsion bars front and rear, Penske dampers. Piper uprights.

Power: Yamaha R1 by Mallen Alley, with Taggart dry sump.

Differential assembly: Taylor/Taggart Quiafe on the first car. Will also be testing a spool.

The size and guage of square or rectangular tubing used for the vertical members at the front and rear roll hoops is 1x1.75" x 0.065" 4130.


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Early Photos


The basics of the chassis


1Information and photos provided by Kevin Allen, and from the Mallen Alley Racing website

Revised: November 02, 2006.

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