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During a period when they were trying out various ideas for DSR designs, Tom Robertson and Pat Prince, of Prince Race Car Engineering, noticed there was an abundance of Van Dieman RF92/96 Formula Continental cars around at reasonable prices. Pat and Tom thought that this chassis would make an excellent "donor" for a motorcycle engined DSR/CSR.

So, Pat developed a new frame layout for the rear section of the Van Dieman chassis that retained the wheelbase and uprights. Pat also reworked the rear rocker assemblies, and redesigned the rear suspension links and rear sway bar. For the front suspension, Pat designed a simple retrofit to raise the roll center and change the motion ratio to make the car easier to set up and drive.

The first chassis was completed for Tony Bronco in Florida, the second for Mike Devins in Michigan And the third for Mike Sirianni.


VD Feb25Yellow copy.jpg (99190 bytes)

VDR Front 1.jpg (107278 bytes)

 RearYellow.jpg (95712 bytes)

Chassis Rear2.jpg (206717 bytes)

Jan9 Buck.jpg (280739 bytes)

Bodywork Buck & Molds

Once Mike Devins decided to go with an LSR Prince, he realized he would need a body for this new design. So he talked his friend Clark Lincoln (Lincspeed Design) into working with him to design and develop a sports racer body for the chassis. To facilitate this endeavor, Mike formed Hurley Racing Products.

In January of 2003, Clark began work with Mike in his shop, designing and building a buck for the new body. By March, the semi-complete buck was taken to Designs2 for completion of the buck and molds. They finished the buck, made the molds and the first set of parts by early June 2003.

RearMold.jpg (201987 bytes)

Front Mold.jpg (215872 bytes)

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Eggcrate.JPG (189320 bytes)

Feb25 Rear.jpg (147430 bytes)

4.jpg (151947 bytes)

Mar280003.JPG (141708 bytes)

Mar280005.JPG (165076 bytes)

Bodywork Pieces

Design2 uses a newly developed process and materials which enable these bodies very light and strong. Complete body weight is about 75 lb, and is not vac bagged.

Bodies have been delivered to Tony Bronco and Mike Sirianni for Prince converted chassis, and Jack Banha for another non-Prince conversion.

On September 2, 2004, Mike Devins reported:

"There are now 6 of these bodies sold. 5 of them are on Prince modified chassis, (4) DSR's complete and (1) CSR in process.

Pete Becker just picked up his D from Pat Prince last weekend. The front air intakes that you see in prototype on my car are now in the molds and look even better than the add on pieces that Mike Sirianni and I have been using.

In addition to the body I am now making carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb splitters, floors and diffusers. Mike tested the new package at Mid Ohio last month and ended up with a second place finish."

6-3-03.JPG (115194 bytes)

6-4-03.JPG (115177 bytes)

Nose Underside.jpg (306703 bytes)

Body Fit Detail.jpg (267975 bytes)

Track Time

With the new body mounted and all the running gear that goes under it completed, the car was taken out for testing in July 2003. Testing went fine, but on the first race weekend’s qualifying session, the rear wing mount broke and the car got out of control hitting a particularly nasty FIA curb and was badly damaged. The frame was bent, so it went back to Prince for straightening. Due to Mike's workload, he was unable to get the car back on the track that season.

Waterford T6.jpg (162250 bytes)

July10_03-5.JPG (109129 bytes)

july19B.JPG (130069 bytes)

July19thB.jpg (120184 bytes)

July19thA.jpg (120727 bytes)

Mike Sirianni's turnkey car was completed by Pat Prince just in time for the 2003 SCCA Runnoffs. With no testing, Mike was able to run in the middle of the field, and finished the race in 12th place.

SirianniFRT.jpg (119907 bytes)

SirianniRR.jpg (184725 bytes)


During the winter of 2003-2004, the LSR group developed a nose modification to improve air management for cooling radiators and brakes. They are looking into tunnel development as well for the future.

Air Ducts04.jpg (131572 bytes)

difuser2.jpg (70080 bytes)

difuser3.jpg (65828 bytes)


For chassis inquires or turnkey (ready to drive) cars, call

  • Pat Prince of
    Prince Race Car Engineering
    (815) 625-8116


    For inquiries on bodywork, contact
  • Mike Devins
    Hurley Racing Products
    (586) 752-5678


    Other LSR principles are
  • Clark Lincoln
    Lincspeed Design
    (586) 752-6819

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