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May 8, 2005

Roger Cook claimed the pole for the Daytona National race during the car's debut weekend. Roger recorded a qualifying lap 0.2 seconds faster than eventual race winner Glenn Cooper. Unfortunately, something caused Cook to drop out after only completing one lap. However, the car built and tuned by Dan Perez obviously has potential.

January 29, 2005 Update

"The project is being financed by Ben Johnston who has raced a Radical in the SE Div. for the past several years and who is currently trying his hand in a Formula Atlantic. The previous collaboration with Mr. Busby is defunct.


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The current design and build is being done by Danny Perez in Tampa with assistance from Mike Schmidt. Danny has contributed greatly to Rodger Cook's Prince DSR which remains the dominant car/driver combination in the SE Div.

It is my understanding that Glenn Cooper will head up the driver development for the project. Glenn is a very experienced racer lately in a Formula Mazda, which I believe he has sold. He was extremely quick in Ben's Radical at Sebring, but suffered a mechanical failure early on in that race.

I think the bodywork remains as pictured at the PRI last year, but an entirely new tube frame and suspension are being developed, using the very successful Prince design from Rodger's car as a template, so to speak. They were hoping to have #1 ready to shake down at Kershaw in a few weeks but Schmidty told me today that "it ain't ready yet". I've seen the tube frame and Danny had some pictures of the car in progress that he shared at Sebring.

From what I know of those involved in the project, I expect that it will be a solid performer right out of the box, will not suffer for lack of development funds, and will be tested and refined by two excellent drivers (Glenn and Mike).

I don't know what Ben's marketing plan is, but Danny assures me that the price will be competitive in the "turn key" DSR realm and that there will be a variety of options available including motorcylce engine mounts for all the usual suspects. I believe the first two chassis will have GSXR engines for power. Stay tuned. It's a good lookin' ride." Craig Stafford

September 17, 2004

"The car in question is under new ownership and is being constructed by Dan Perez of Tampa, Florida. Dan, who is currently at Mid-Ohio preparing for the Valvoline Runoffs, is the brains behind Rodger Cook's recent D-Sport efforts."
Victor Moore


December 5, 2003

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"Three familiar sports racer names have collaborated on a new sports racer that was introduced at the PRI show this week. Terry Busby, the creator of the innovative Buzzard DSR, Ben Johnson (Radical racer) and Vic Moore (Radical racer and former Radical USA chief) are partners." Bill Maisey

"The car displayed [the yellow car in the top right images] was only a mock-up (nothing underneath) and it may be several months before we get to see it turn a wheel. I'll let Terry, Ben, and/or Vic fill in the details but it will be a carbon reinforced tube frame with push rod suspension." Mike Beauchamp

Revised: May 14, 2005.

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