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Terry Busby of Arlington, Virginia, brought his new DSR creation to VIR in August of 2002. Terry is a long-time Formula Vee competitor and built his own FV's.

Full monocoupe (non-stressed engine bay), third spring/shock setup, serious attempt at managing underbody airflow, rear wing located to feed diffuser.

Terry offered the following comments on his car:

1. Car weighs 752# with water and oil.

2. Tub bottom and top are .063 6061 T-6. Sides and internal ribs are .050 6061 T-4. There is 2" aluminum honeycomb in front beams.

3. Front and rear diffusers and side pods are carbon (kevlar on all lower surfaces) with .250 foam core.

4. Body is carbon/kevlar/e-glass with nomex honeycomb core.

5. I haven't thought about selling bodies. It is specific to the car and might be difficult to adapt to other applications. My e-mail address is below if you wish to discuss further.






Photos by Mark Walthew.

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