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Paul Bova restored his car as chronicled on this page.

"The information that I was able to piece together indicated that the Forsgrens built 12 versions of my car, six of which were sold as rolling chassis, and six of which were fitted with bodies similar to my car.

I actually had a second body shell, which I purchased with the car. The only elements of the car that were proprietary were the uprights which were ingeniously made to be interchangeable front to rear." reports Paul Bova.


Paul Bova answeres inquiries about the rebuild of his car.


"Which of the new frame tubes

  1. Were replacements, upgrades
    (I assume that you brought the rollbar and braces up to current requirements), and
  2. Which were improvements
    (maybe the engine bay brace?)?"


"The major frame tube replacement was the upper frame tubes that carry the coolant to and from the radiator. In addition we added the engine bay brace to stiffen the car. The entire front end of the frame was rebuilt, and a new pedal set installed. We also replaced the round tubular frame members at the rear suspension attachment points with rectangular tubular members to
facilitate a more secure weld point."


"Is Dean shown brazing the frame or TIG welding? I can't see well enough to


"Dean Hutchinsom works for GMT Racing in Danbury CT. He is a master fabricator and the best welder I have ever seen. I have had people come up to me at events and comment on the excellent welds evident on the car. In the picture in question Dean is TIG welding. Dean won an award from SVRA last year having been voted best fabricator."

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Dean Hutchinsom
TIG welding

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Revised: March 04, 2005.

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