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Ken Polman built the Flying Shingle car and raced in H Modified, in the mid 60s, in the Cleveland area SCCA races. His first race and first win were at Waterford in 1963.

Ken sold the car in 1968 when he moved to Nevada, and now at the end of 2005 he's looking for it or its remains. You can contact him at 775-937-2244 or

Ken says, "There was no suspension per-se. The frame articulated and I ran only 10 psi in the tires.  Just a big go-kart.....

The frame was most of the steel in the car.  Axel, spindles and steering was all machined from 6061 aluminum billets.  The body was .030 6061.  It drove the tech inspectors crazy but it was all legal spec.  I have a picture somewhere with the engine under one arm and trans under the other. If it had wings it would fly."


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Engine: Highly modified 700cc Mercury outboard engine converted to rotary valve. 15,000 RPM, never blew up, and was never rebuilt.

Drivetrain: Triumph 500 transmission and chain drive to solid axel and no diffferential or suspension.

Body: Polished aluminum with a blue fiberglass nose

Weight: 350 pounds ready to run, not including driver


700cc Mercury engine



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