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Bob Engberg recently {as of October 2006} purchased this 1957 Elva MK II sports racer. The car is not a Courier but a front engined sports racer with aluminum body. It was purchased from Bob Grunau, who restored the car and had a new body made. This new body has a bobtail, rather than a long tail, to replace the KAMM style non-original body style. Engberg does not know if this car was originally a bobtail or longtail.

The last American owner was Carl Schwab, who sold the car to a Canadian in 1980 or so. Grunau told Engberg that the car, when sold by Carl Schwab in 1980, did not have engine mounts in it. Grunau also told Engberg that someone told him the car might have run with a SAAB engine at one point.

Engberg has seen that John Wetherbee ran an Elva-SAAB in 1969 including the American Road Race of Champions. He doesn't know what kind of Elva that was, or if it was what is his car now.

Bob Engberg is still trying to uncover the car's history. Stan Mason owns an Elva MK III and is helping ENgberg work on the car's history. He has been researching the cars for many years.

Bob would like to contact John Wetherbee if anyone knows of how to reach him.

October 21, 2006 Update

Bob reports, "I have heard from J. Michael Krueger. He owned an Elva Mk II between 1968 to 1972, with a cam style rear powered with a Saab engine, with a Sprite gearbox, and a Saab bellhousing grafted to it. The roll bar was square tubing (single hoop). The car was traded to someone in Charlottesville, VA. If anyone knows the car before or after J. Michael's ownership, please let me know."


Bob Engberg
PO Box 1984
Julian, CA 92036


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Bob Engber's estored Elva Mk II


The photos of the car immediately above are of the car as it appeard in 1990, before its restoration. These probably represent what it looked like in 1969.




Revised: October 14, 2006.

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