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Builder: Archie Onwiler

Chassis: 1" square 4130 steel tube frame

Engine: Suzuki / Ocelot 850

Suspension, front: Triumph TR-10 uprights and spindles

Suspension, rear: independent using Eldon Formula Ford uprights

Current Owner: Dave Helms, located somewhere in Colorado


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photos provided
by Joseph Pagan

Archie Onwiler built three Chimera cars, between 1971 and 1976, all of his own design. Archie says, "The first and second chassis were such disasters, that I destroyed both with a cutting torch."

The car pictured on the right was the third chassis which Archie says, "was the best handling car I ever drove." These pictures were probably taken in 1977. During the winter of 1977-1978, the rear bodywork was modified with the side extended end plates to mount a new wing.

The body was hand formed aluminum (square corners) and it suffered down the straight.

With this car, Archie won the the Central Division Championship three or four times. He also won three straight June Sprints, five straight Summer Nationals at Mid Ohio. The car also sat on the pole at the Runoffs at Road Atlanta, but then did not finish the race.

Archie raced the car at tracks such as Blackhawk, IRP, Mid Ohio, Nelson Ledges, Gratton, Mid America, Road America, Brainerd, Hallett, and Road Alanta.

1975 CSPRRC Oct 31 - Nov 2 Road Atlanta

Time of race: 29 min. 44.3 sec.
Winners average speed: 91.65 mph.
Victory margin: 4.9 sec
Fastest race lap: Dick Jacobs, 1:36.800, 93.699 mph (record).
Fastest qualifier: Dick Jacobs, 1:35.450, 95.044 mph.

1 Kendall Noah, Kansas City, Mo. K.C. Metal Prod. Ocelot MkA-Suz. 18 MW
2 Richard Shirey, Huntington Bch, Calif. Exzoctec-Fiat 18 SP
3 Archie Onwiler, Oak Lawn, III. Square Deal Auto Chimera -Suz. 18 CE

These results are from the web site SCCA National Championships Complete Results - The early years 1964-75.

Archie sold the car to Dan Oldenberg in 1979. Dan raced it successfully for several years.

The car is now believed to be sitting in a barn somewhere in Colorado, but its exact whereabouts are not known. The last known owner was Dave Helms. Archie sent him all the pictures he had as Dave was planning to restore the car, however Dave "disappeared" along with Archie's pictures.

Archie had complete drawings of the entire car at one time, but they were destroyed in a garage fire.

Revised: October 21, 2004.

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