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"Abarth is best known for its successes in the production classes. However, using the 750 Bialbero (twin-cam)) coupe with a single crown in the roof, the team ran H-Mod at all 1959 events except Riverside. In spite of the little Fiat 600 seven inch drums and weighing 600 more pounds than the OSCA, the Abarth rarely finished lower than third.

'The brakes cost us the championship,  'Ray Cuomo recalls. 'The twin-cam was much faster than the pushrods and had double the horsepower. The brakes got so hot the rubber in the wheel cylinders melted. After Elkhart Lake, there wasnít a drop of fluid in the master cylinder!' Cuomo even tried opening the door to slow the car but that didnít work either.

Other well known Abarth H-Mods included:

  • Dan Parkinsonís Dolphin-Abarth, twice winner of the ARRC and the Southern Pacific Divisional Championchip
  • The Abarth-based Forsgrini of Lyle and Dale Forsgren from the Northwest
  • The Holisbarth of William Holbrook (Northeast Division)
  • Fred Plotkinís remarkable Kangaroo-Abarth, a $1000, rear-engined, home-built special which won the 1968 ARRC at Riverside."1
  • Fiat-Abarth CSR

    Ray Cuomo of Brewster, NY, placed second in CSR at the 1968 American Road Race of Champions (the SCCA's national championship at the time) in a Fiat-Abarth.

    The November 19-24 race was held at Riverside Raceway, CA. The 18 lap race covered 46.8 miles in 30 minutes, 35.5 seconds for an average speed of 92.2 MPH.

    Abarth Special DSR

    Fred Plotkin of Los Angeles, CA, won DSR at the 1968 American Road Race of Champions (the SCCA's national championship at the time) in a Abarth Special.

    The DSR race was run combined with the CSR race. Fred finished 85.4 seconds behind the CSR winning Lotus 23, averaging 88.0 MPH.


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    1Carl Goodwin, Vintage Motorsport (May/June 1991), The H-Modified Etceterinis p67-69. This article was transcribed for the Sports Racer Network by Curt Anderson.

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