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Lotus 23 and 23B

One of the most popular sports racers in Lotus history. Built from 1962 to 1964, using a tubular space frame powered by the Ford based engines, 1100cc and later the Lotus twin cam 1498cc engine. Used Lotus Type 19 suspension, with larger tanks.

Race Results

Marion Whittington of Bakersfield, CA, won CSR at the 1968 American Road Race of Champions (the SCCA's national championship at the time) in a Lotus 23.

The November 19-24 race was held at Riverside Raceway, CA. The 18 lap race covered 46.8 miles in 30 minutes, 35.5 seconds for an average speed of 92.2 MPH.

Also competing in that same race were:

  • 3rd place John Studldreier (Lotus 23) of Portland, OR, finishing 19.1 seconds behind the leader.
  • 6th place Dick Grime (Lotus 23) of Royersford, Pa., 2 laps and 55.9 seconds behind the leader.
  • DNF after 8 laps - Charles Gibson (Lotus 23) of Washington, D.C.
  • DNF after 7 laps - Bill Molle (Lotus 23) of Playa Del Rey, CA.
  • DNF after 7 laps - Dan Cramichael (Lotus 23B) of Columbus, OH.
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