Valvoline Runoffs


Valvoline Runoffs®

October 2 - 8, 2000


D Sports Racer (DSR)

12:01 PM - Pace car rolls for race 11 of the Valvoline Runoffs, D Sports Racer.
12:02 PM - Starting on the front-row is No. 7 Reupert in a Loa AMW and No. 45 Beasley Jr., in a BeaseDecker MK1.
12:03 PM - No. 7 has won the National Championship twice and captured the pole with a new qualifying lap record.
12:04 PM - The defending National Champion is No. 1 Sunseri, starting fifth.
12:05 PM - GREEN, No. 45 gets a good jump and takes the lead.
12:05 PM - Working lap 1, No. 1 has moved into second place.
12:06 PM - Working lap 2, Top-five is No. 45, No. 1, No. 2 Miller, No. 7 and No. 96 Hoover.
12:09 PM - Working lap 4, Top-three have pulled out a good lead on fourth and fifth place.
12:14 PM - Working lap 7, Top-three remain unchanged.
12:14 PM - Working lap 7, No. 45 has pulled out a large lead on second place.
12:14 PM - Working lap 7, No. 7 under threat by No. 96.
12:18 PM - Working lap 10, Top-five remain unchanged and evenly spaced.
12:19 PM - Working lap 10, 4 Beasley Sr. pulls into the pits and retires.
12:20 PM - Working lap 11, No. 96 passes No. 7 for fourth place.
12:21 PM - Working lap 11, No. 3 Lapham pulls into the pits.
12:24 PM - Working lap 14, No. 1 and No. 2 are the only battle for position in the top-five.
12:25 PM - Working lap 15, No. 7 has closed on No. 96 to challenge for fourth place.
12:27 PM - Working lap 16, No. 96 has contact with lapped traffic and falls back to fifth place.
12:30 PM - Working lap 18, No. 7 is now all over the back of No. 2.
12:32 PM - Working lap 19, No. 2 is now in third place and challenging No. 1 for second place.
12:32 PM - Working lap 19, There is now a three-way battle for second place.
12:32 PM - WHITE, Working lap 20, No. 1 has pulled out a marginal lead on No. 7 for second place.
12:34 PM - CHECKERED, No. 45 Beasley Jr. wins the D Sport Racer National Championship.
He becomes the third member of the family to win a National Championship. Completing the top- three is No. 1 Sunseri and No. 7 Reupert.


Third Place

"The car was handling fairly well. The Goodyears I used were a combination I had not tried before, and they worked. I had a slow start because, first of all, I was jumped, and then I took it easy getting used to the new tires. More than that, I had trouble steering. For some reason, my driving gloves could not grip the wheel. My hands kept sliding on the wheel. It took me a long time to get used to it. I caught up with the leaders, then hit traffic and fell back. Then I had to do it all over again. I drove as hard as I could. Finally Miller got caught up in traffic and I was able to get by him. It was a good clean race. This is my 11th year in a row that I have driven this same chassis. It is an old Lola T-540 with an engine that we designed, cast, and built ourselves. In fact, we've never even named it, so I don't know what you'd call it."

Second Place

"I felt the presence of Miller and Reupert all race long. I lost a lot of time in the Keyhole. I couldn't get my car to handle there. The car understeered more and more as the race went on and I couldn't keep up with Al."

2000 National Champion

"The car was perfect. I thank my dad for letting me drive his car. This is only the second time I've ever driven it. It is a 1986 Decker with a Yamaha engine. My brother Ben built a new body for it, and Dad prepared the motor. The car was set up just right. It ran perfectly. The Hoosier tires were quite good. Whoever gets the right setup on the right day will win, and today was mine!"