Bruce Sunseri, First Place

“I was holding on the best I could the whole race. Lutrell [Harms] was doing a heluva job up there. There were corners he definitely pulled away from me. I saw the yellow flags there [prior to passing Harms with two laps to go]. We’ll have to see what the stewards decide. When Al was up there, they were moving out, but then I think Al had some problems. It was tough—it wasn’t easy.”


Lutrell Harms, Second Place

“He [Sunseri] had me in a couple of turns and he had me under breaking. There’s some question whether or not there was a yellow there where he got by. I was doing my best to hold him off until he got by.”


Al Beasley Jr., Third Place

“The other two guys had good strong engines. They just drove away from me on the straights. The track was damp I think. My car just wasn’t sticking like it usually does. At the start, I had a little hometrack advantage and I broke late to take the lead. I just didn’t have the power to stay with them.”

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