• 5:06 PM, working lap 1, GREEN. No. 82 Duder into the lead. No. 97 Colburn spins, contacts guard rail in turn six and continues.

  • 5:07 PM, working lap 2, the top-five are No. 82, No. 7 Reupert, No. 13 Sunseri, No. 45 Beasley Jr., and No. 96 Hoover.

  • 5:09 PM, working lap 3, good battle for third between No. 13 and No. 45. No. 45 takes several looks but cannot pass.

  • 5:15 PM, working lap 6, No. 44 Beasley Sr. suffers suspension failure and spins off the track.

  • 5:21 PM, working lap 10, No. 7 pulls right under the wing of No. 82 as the two move through traffic.

  • 5:22 PM, working lap 11, No. 45 into third past No. 13.

  • 5:24 PM, working lap 13, No. 13 sounds off song but continues on.

  • 5:29 PM, working lap 17, No. 45 has caught the lead duo. It is a three-car battle for the lead. No. 7 gets sideways in turn seven, but continues.

  • 5:32 PM, working lap 18, No. 45 into second in the carousel.

  • 5:33 PM, working lap 19, WHITE flag for No. 82 Duder, but No. 45 and No. 7 are right behind.


  • 5:34 PM, CHECKERED flag for No. 82 Duder, followed by No. 45 Beasley, No. 7 Reupert, No. 13 Sunseri and No. 16 Dyckman. This is Duder's fifth National Championship – his first since the Runoffs moved to Mid-Ohio.

I was concentrating on trying to get by Duder. Then Al Beasley Jr got inside me and pushed me off my line so I had to get out of it and he got past. The car ran well, it really was balanced and the engine was strong, but I just couldn't get them on the straights. I could stay with Duder in the draft, but when I was out of the draft I lost a lot of ground.

I needed one more lap. I was going 100% and saw an opening with Reupert and took it. I was just behind Duder, but the laps ran out. I didn't have the greatest straightaway speed so I had to drive like a mad man. Traffic was there, but it wasn't a problem.

The car ran well. I ran a new motor this weekend and it was strong. I was here earlier this year and ran the Mid Ohio school. It worked, because I was two seconds faster than last year. I drove hard all race. I wore my mirrors out watching the guys right behind me. I bobbled a couple times but so did Mike. We really wore each other out--it was a hard race.

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