Race 1 -- DSR

SportsCar picks:    Al Beasley Jr., Beasley B2
                    Lutrell Harms, Harms LH-2
                    David Kaiser, LeGrand MK-25D
Grid Top 3: Michael Reupert, Bruce Sunseri, Al Beasley Jr.

The first race of the weekend saw the entire field of 23 DSR s take the green flag. Polesitter Mike Reupert jumped into the lead at the green flag. The defending champion Kaiser, gridded 4th charged up into 2nd place by the end of the first lap, with Bruce Sunseri right behind. By the 3rd lap the order was Reupert, Sunseri, Harvey MacDonald, up from 6th on the grid, Glen Wild, up from 8th, and Beasley,Jr. in 6th, not able to keep up.

Olav Aaen's Aaen MK10 started smoking heavily through turn 11. Al Beasley Sr., trying to charge from his back of the pack position also experienced smoke in the cockpit going by station 3. He slowed, but worked his way back up to speed but appeared to be lacking enough speed to catch up.

The order on lap 5 was Reupert, Kaiser, Sunseri, MacDonald, Wild, and Beasley Jr. The order stayed the same till MacDonald spun in the center of the track at turn 3, stalled , and became a spectator. Taking advantage, was Beasley Jr. who got by Wild to take 4th place .

By the 8th lap Reupert s Lola had developed a push in the front end and he couldn't hold Kaiser off any longer. The order was Kaiser, Sunseri, Reupert, Beasley Jr. The field played follow the leader for the next 7 laps. On lap 14 Glen Wild s engine let go, but he was able to limp into the pit lane. Michael Haviland, who was last on the grid, had the engine let go on the 15th lap. He brought the car into the pits, oiling the track as he came in. Despite the oily conditions Reupert got 2nd place back on the last lap.

When the checker fell it was Kaiser, Reupert, Sunseri, Beasley Jr. David Kaiser successfully defended his DSR Championship.

Top Three Driver Quotes -- Race#1 DSR

Bruce Sunseri - 3rd
"My motor went soft on me. Mike had a power advantage over me. Knowing I was down on power from these two, I knew that I would have to use traffic. I really had to work hard to keep my position."

Michael Reupert - 2nd
"I got bumped in traffic and then picked-up a push. Thank goodness for Goodyears. In the turns, it was a real dogfight. Kaiser had a definite horsepower advantage. These guys did a great job getting by me in a real tight spot. These guys "dirt track" a lot - it must be a west-coast style of driving."

David Kaiser - 1st
"Everything worked right. I planned to go out on hard tires and took all the downforce out to give me the straightaway speed. I knew I would be a little slow in the corners but I knew I could make-up for it on the straights. I had to drive every lap and push the engine to the limit."