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2004 Holiday Party

photos and captions by Tom Clayton

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Almost 40 sports racer enthusiasts gathered on December 18th for the annual San Francisco Region holiday party. Once again, Gary Guethlein hosted the event in the clubhouse of his housing complex.

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Group shot

Lutrell Harms and his wife

Peter Carlotto and Dawnielle in foreground, Gary Guethlein is walking behind Dawnielle. Bill & Sheri Welters are on the right

Lee Stohr provided very nice Stohr polo style shirts as door prizes for two lucky winners. 44.jpg (68721 bytes) 38.jpg (86753 bytes)

Chris Plescia won the size XL shirt

Katie Arken (Dave's wife) won the size small

White Elephant Gift Exchange

The rules:

  1. Bring a gift of moderate value, or something that you have already to be exchanged. Items of questionable taste are encouraged.

  2. The wrapped gifts are assembled in a pile.

  3. Numbers are drawn for selection order. 

  4. The first number selects from all of the wrapped gifts.

  5. The second person may steal the first gift or chose one of the remaining wrapped gifts.

  6. Subsequent players may steal any of the earlier chosen gifts or chose one of the remaining wrapped gifts.

  7. A gift may be stolen only three times after the initial selection.

  8. A gift may not be re-stolen directly from the person who previously stole it.


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Ted Arken, his wife, and Eric O'Brien son filling in as our Santa

Eric O'Brien's wife and son watch on as Andy Juner's wife opens her first gift choice

Jen Guethlein (Gary's wife)

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Andy Juner, his wife displaying one of the most popular gift exchange items, and Ted James

The camera's flash demonstrates that the custom DSR is reflective

  Dave Ferguson
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Andy Juner opens a "recycled DSR". Dick Boggs polished a slightly damaged ZX10 crack, welded it to a base. and made it into a lamp.

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Eric O'Brien is poised on the sidelines. He stole the crank lamp (above), then had it stolen away from him. He then used creative interpretation of the rules in stealing his wife's gift and having her steal the lamp back for him.

Stan Clayton and his 1st attempt at a gift he'll keep. See the Pit Lizard below.

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"The Original Pit Lizard" was a new exchange gift this year. The actual lizard was found in Dave Arken's trailer under his right rear tire after the opening weekend of Thunderhill October 30th, 1993. Stan thought he'd own this one for 364 days until the 2005 party. Little did he know that Ted James wanted it.

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Lutrell Harms' wife

John Bosso and his Walter the Farting Dog book

Nancy James and Dave Arken as our MC

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Stan Clayton's second attempt at a selection reveals his true color

"The Frogs" were another new gift this year. Dave “Spudly” Furtado  brought this gem. They too were actually stolen, three times!

Dave "Spudly" Furtado opens his gift as Dave Arken exclaims in horror (?)

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Chris Plescia opens his selection which turned out to be a lovely handbag nightlight

Andy Juner's wife displays her final gift that she couldn't give away.

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Dawnielle looks annoyed

Ted James opens a box of bent and broken suspension pieces

Peter Carlotto

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Lutrell Harms

Ron Coniglio

A prized sticker for the back of any race car

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Bob Fox

Ellen Ferguson praying for more speed in 2005?

Ted Arken
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Dick Boggs

Katie Arken (Dave's wife) front and center

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Jay Boggs and his treasured new (stolen) desktop display. This raccoon skeleton is a complete kit, ready for assembly, including glue, and has been coming to the party for many years. It was originally sent to Dave Arken by Jerry Weeks as a Christmas present. It has returned many times to be re-gifted. However, this year Jay stole it from the original selector.

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Another look at the collectable frogs

This year's animals and their owners. It seems that they may not be returning next year.


"As a point of interest Ted James wanted [the Pit Lizard plaque] because in the early 70's Nancy was the only driver to participate in a Pit Lizard Wet T- Shirt Contest. I was there and can tell you it was great!" Dave Arken


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