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McCulloch Engine


The "powerhead" 3 cylinder 75 hp McCulloch outboard engine was used in the Feret Chassis raced in G Modified.


McCulloch outboard boat engines evolved from Scott-Atwater outboard engines.

History of Scott-Atwater

Scott-Atwater Model Identification

Scott-Atwater web site

Scat58a2.jpg (150662 bytes)
60hp Scott-Atwater ad

Scat56b2.jpg (180302 bytes)
Another Scott-Atwater ad

engine2.jpg (32180 bytes)

engine.jpg (65715 bytes)
As set up for the Ferret

furyrebuild168.jpg (55494 bytes)
In the original application

75hp.jpg (61611 bytes)

furyrebuild167.jpg (54668 bytes)

1957_40_hp.jpg (18595 bytes)
A Scott-Atwater engine


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