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1978 Car as for sale 

This is a car that was listed for sale on in July, 2001.

Condition: very good
Price: $8,500 $7,000 USD "including open trailer"
Location: California, USA


This is a Sports Racer built from a Wheeler Super Vee chassis using a modified Tiga Sports Racer body. It is an interesting car with good potential. The owner has stated that VARA will accept this car as Vintage with a proper VW 1600 cc water cooled engine.


The current owner bought this car in it's current configuration, he has not campaigned the car but has gone through everything on the car and feels it is nearly race ready just needing a few minor fixes.


  • Honda 1200cc Civic engine
  • crank triggered
  • built by "Jackson Racing"

Fuel System

  • fuel cell needs bladder

Oil/Water System

  • dry sump system
  • side water radiators

Electrical System

  • 12V


  • Hewland Mk8
  • fresh box with ten minutes of running time

Final Drive

  • Hewland in unit with gearbox


  • fiberglass
  • orange paint in good shape


  • Aluminum monocoque
  • Dampers: rebuilt double adjustable
  • Front Suspension: upper/lower steel A arms, excellent condition
  • Rear Suspension: upper/lower steel A arms, excellent condition
  • Steering: rack and pinion
  • Brakes: VW discs, rebuilt calipers, new shoes, freshly turned rotors
  • Wheels: 3 piece spun Aluminium,
    6 x 13 front, 8 x 13 rear, excellent condition
  • Weight: unknown


  • snap in seat pads
  • 5 point harness
  • gauges
  • steering wheel
  • roll cage needs to be back dated


  • one front upright, one rear upright

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