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“The XTR2 is a new generation of minimalist, ultra-modern sports cars to bring ultimate high performance track driving to all enthusiasts, not just those with big bank balances. The chassis design, layout and accessibility of all the components and the removable bodywork make essential maintenance part of the fun.

Orders for the Westfield XTR2 are being taken with prices starting from US$25,490.”1


Wheel base size: 95" (2413mm)
Front track size:   57" (1448mm)
Rear track size:    56" (1422mm)
Overall length:   145" (3686mm)
Overall width:      64" (1625mm)
Weight race trim: from 903 lb (410 kg)
Weight road trim: from 970 lb (440 kg)

Specifications (listed for the UK)2

The right hand drive UK version.2

Engine: GSXR1300R Suzuki Hayabusa
Capacity: 1299
Cylinders: 4
Bore and stroke: 81.0mm x 63.0mm
Fuel: 95 Octane unleaded
Compression ratio: 11.0:1
Valves: 16V
Exhaust control: Catalyst
Camshaft: DOHC
Ignition system: Electronic
Max power: (standard) 180ps @ 9800RPM
Max torque: 102ft lb
Transmission: 6 speed constant mesh sequential
Forward speeds: 1st 2.769 2nd 2.000 3rd 1.579 4th 1.400 5th 1.250 6th 1.175
Reverse: Electronic
Primary reduction ratio: 1.596
Final drive: Quaife Torque biasing LSD
Steering: Rack and pinion
Lock: 1.5 turns
Brakes: Disc brakes all round
Suspension: Double un-equal wishbones independent suspension
Chassis: Full triangulated tubular space frame with additional tubular side impact protection


Manik Technologies, LLC
819 Arapaho Village
Suite 24B - #164
Richardson, Texas 75080 USA
Telephone: +1 972.358.1460

Email: Manik Technologies (


The Westfield XTR2.1


Revised: January 03, 2007.

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