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Tom Foster and Chuck Billington ran Tracer TR-2 cars in CSR for many years and together won the SCCA National Championship 11 times.

  • 1983 Charles Billington
  • 1984 Tom Foster
  • 1985 Tom Foster
  • 1987 Tom Foster
  • 1988 Tom Foster
  • 1989 Tom Foster
  • 1990 Chuck Billington
  • 1991 Chuck Billington
  • 1992 Chuck Billington
  • 1993 Chuck Billington
  • 1997 Chuck Billington

Dave Benner says, "I think they were converted Ralt RT-1's? I think they later converted those cars to Mazda Rotary power. I had an Atlantic car at the time and called Chuck to ask about the cost of converting to Mazda power and he told me to forget it, as they found out that when boosted to Atlantic power levels, the engine life and cost were no better than a Cosworth.

Funny story is that when Ford Motor Co. was looking for a name for their Mercury division version of the Ford Escort in the late 1980's their ad department came up with Tracer as they determined that no car company had used that name. Wrong! I don't know the details of the settlement, but I believe Tom Foster recieved some "Monetary Compensation" for the use of the Tracer name!"

John Bosso continues, "Instead of pocketing the settlement money from Ford for the Tracer name, Tom set up a West Coast Sports Racer Series that paid us to race nationals for a few years."

Chris Gerrells says that one of the cars was a Ralt RT-1 chassis and the other was a March Formula Atlantic chassis (he thinks it was a March 77, but wasn't positive).


Tom Foster TR-2, 1994
Runoffs at Road Atlanta1

Chuck Billington, TR-2
circa 1988/89
Entrance to Turn 11
Sears Point Raceway, CA
Nancy James (car #29
March 77B in the large
image) provided this
photo & says,
"Both Tom and Chuck put
front wings on for a very
short time."


1Photo by Mike Stucker,

Revised: February 16, 2006.

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