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Mark Pasek described his car, which was for sale as of 9/12/2001:

"The engine we used is a Honda 929CBR, which is fuel injected. The body is a one piece design which we think can be traced back to Jeff Miller. He saw it at Road America and confirmed it was a clone of his. We worked long and hard on this car, and I know it sounds crazy, but we would like to build another from scratch with a 2 stroke. We were somewhat successful in F-500 in 1999, and think we could make a 2 stroke live for 30 minutes at a time.

The TIGA is very simple and reliable. We won our first National race at Blackhawk the first time out. We are still not up to speed, but I believe this car could be a front runner in the Central Division next year [2002]. We feel we could do even better with a 2 stoke, even if they require a lot more attention."

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