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Sorcerer Chassis

Chassis #1

Paul Shinsky of Houston, Texas, had this car built around 1990 using a 1977 Zink Z10 Formula Ford. He drove it up through the mid 90's when he parked it. Paul  later sold it when he received his new car, chassis #3, in 2000 and sold both of his existing cars to raise cash.

Al Marquart was the next owner and while Al owned it, the Yamaha YZF-R1 conversion was completed and he put new Carerra shocks on it.

Bill Ironside later bought the car from Al and ran it, including 6 times in 2003. "It ran well, but I blew the motor at the February double national in 2003. I then sorcerer3.jpg (155591 bytes)installed the current '01 R1 (1,500 mile motor) and ran it several more times. I also purchased the set of Minilite wheels that are on it. It had two sets of Revolution wheels and one set of Minilites when I sold it. It was a decent car, but being an older one, there always was something small breaking or needing attention after every race, plus I was a tight fit inside of it since I was around 230 lbs at the time. It is a pretty fast car, but will not keep up with the latest cars; it is best suited to having a nice race with the older DSR's (which is what I did in 2003 ... although I did get 2 regional wins and a 2nd in the last National of the year).

Bill Robotham of Las Vegas, Nevada, bought the car from Ironside at the end of 2003, and has the sale for sale prior to being able to race it himself.


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Chassis #2


Chassis #3

Built by Lee Stohr in 1999 for Paul Shinsky of Houston, Texas.

A description with photos can be found on Page 2.


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