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Info and photos are from an ad see on on July 25, 2004.


Ford Smith, an east coast SCCA racer in the 1960s and 1970s, created this one-off C Sports Racer to compete against Colin Chapman’s Lotus 23’s, which it still does, handily. This might be the first monocoque constructed C Sports Racer in the U.S., as construction by Smith began in 1969. Car was campaigned on the east coast during the 1970s, and was found in a Montana garage in the early 1990s after it had been modified for hill climbs.

Dave Rosenwinge, of Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, Estes Park, Colorado, restored the car, after tracing its SCCA number back to Smith. Smith verified the early configuration of the car, according to Rosenwinge. The monocoque tub is all aircraft aluminum, and the body is fiberglass.


Designed in 1969 by Ford Smith, SCCA Pro Racer, first raced in 1971, C Class, Sports Racer. No existing records as to competition history.

Recent Competition History

No awards in Vintage Racing, but car usually qualifies first, or second, in class.

Performance Data

  • Class: C Class
  • Weight: 950 lbs
  • Track: Phoenix Intl Raceway


Originally fitted with a 1300cc Alfa, it now houses a period 1300cc 4-valve BDH Cosworth with Lucas mechanical fuel injection.

  • Engine Builder: Dave Rosenwinge
  • Manufacturer: FordCosworth
  • Type: C Sports Racer
  • Displacement: 1300cc
  • Horsepower: 185
  • Torque: not known
  • Induction: Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection
  • Heads: Robinson/Cosworth
  • Block: Ford, Uprated 711AA
  • Main Caps: Ford
  • Crankshaft: Cosworth, steel billet
  • Connecting Rods: Cosworth, forged
  • Pistons: Cosworth, forged
  • Camshaft: Cosworth, F1
  • Valves: BDD stainless
  • Clutch: Metal, single plate
  • Flywheel: F3

Fuel System

  • Fuel Cell
  • Manufacturer: Fuel Safe
  • Age: 7 years
  • Capacity: 8 gal.
  • Fuel Pump: electric
  • Fuel Type: 110 octane race gas

Oil/Water System

  • Radiator: Yes
  • Water Rad Location: nose
  • Water Pump: Ford
  • Oil Cooler: Yes
  • Oil Cooler Location: Firewall

Electrical System

  • Ignition: Luminetion Constant Energy
  • Battery: 12 volt


A new 5-speed Hewland- Webster MK8 by Taylor was added in 2000.

  • Manfacturer: Hewland-Webster (Taylor)
  • Type: MK8 5 Speed
  • Gears: Hewland

Rear End

  • Manufacturer: Taylor
  • Ratio: 7:31
  • Differential: Aluminum carrier


  • Construction: Aluminum/fiberglass
  • Color: Blue
  • Paint: Automotive enamel
  • Condition: fair to good
  • some work needed


  • Type: monocoque
  • Builder: Ford Smith
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Condition: good
  • Front Suspension: good condition
  • Rear Suspension: good condition
  • Shocks: oil, 7 yrs from new
  • Brakes: Girling AR, vented, front


  • Material: aluminum, foam
  • Fire System: yes
  • Restraints: Simpson, new
  • Guages: Auto Meter
  • Steering Wheel: Momo
  • Condition: excellent


  • 2nd set of wheels
  • multiple Hewland gear sets
  • Spares include multiple gear sets and extra wheels. Two-car, ’92 Walker trailer available; call for special “package” purchase.


The car is in good condition, needing a few details to make it very good. Currently, 20 hours on motor, 10 hours on valves and springs, motor is ready for “freshening,” which we can perform at extra cost. Car was completely gone through in '96-'97, with only 10 races since.

Logbook: RMVR #95-050
Price: US $24,000
Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA


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