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Seifried Chassis

H Modified


Engine: Crosley

Builder: Seifried, Sr. & Jr.

Current Owner: unknown

"The Seifried name has long been associated with the building of specials. Richard Seifried, Sr., was a body builder at Auto Union when they were battling Mercedes for racing supremacy of the world. Since then, father and son have built a number of sports cars, both for themselves and for friends. Their first effort was a tire-ripping beauty which used to tear up the old Torrey Pines course in California. Torque was so great that the wheel bolts sometimes parted during acceleration. Their little dart-shaped class H Crosley special was one of the first of the 'Baby Brutes.' and is outstanding for its workmanship and weight-saving simplicity."1


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Four photos from the book1 will be added after they are scanned.


"Note curved panel
incorporating instrument
cluster which fairs into hood."1


"Spare [tire] serves as a
rear bumper for the car."1


"Cockpit is a study
in practicability"1


1Bob Rolofson, Sports Car Specials (Los Angeles, Trend Books Inc., 1958), p 42-43. This book was generously loaned to the Sports Racer Network by Marty Nygard.

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