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"The picture [on the right] is the original Sceptre (the yellow car) that Bill Stevens drove and the car he thinks [is the] one [described below] can be seen in the background."




The photo of the frame on the right is Bill Stevens' chassis as seen under construction in 1974.

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racing_at_Spokane.jpg (73238 bytes)

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Dave Cammarano's car is not the ‘original’ Odenborg chassis (Ben Odenborg in Portland owns that one), but it is a documented chassis. Dave calls his car a Coffield-Sceptre.

It is powered by a Honda 750 engine. This is the chassis that was described in Joe Puckett's book Big Men in Little Cars (which is now out of print).

Photos and car information provided by John Allen.

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Copy? - Mystery car

"I have been told this is a car based loosely on a Sceptre chassis and body, built in the Northwest, probably in Portland.

I have been in contact with Bill Stevens, who thinks this is a chassis that he and a friend made back in '74 and used a FIAT X1/9 drivetrain. The chassis looks quite a bit different than the picture he sent me of his car under construction, I guess it may have been modified in the past. He says the current chassis has a different suspension than what he built, which makes me think it may be a different chassis using Bill's body.

I'm hoping that I can find some info out on this so I can build it back to it's original specification. I would also like to vintage race it if it is legal.

Thanks in advance,"

John Allen
Tacoma, WA


racing_at_Spokane_close.jpg (7149 bytes)
Close-up of the mystery
car from the Spokane
photo above

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suspension_rear.jpg (167112 bytes)
Right rear suspension


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