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Saker Chassis

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Can be raced in SCCA's ASR class at Regional races.

From the Saker Motorsports web site.

"The Saker SVS GTA was designed in the spirit of the Daytona/Le Mans Prototypes. With a visually striking closed-cockpit body, it is highly competitive in base form. For those wishing for even more excitement, the scalable mid-engine space-frame platform lends itself to numerous performance upgrades to keep even the professional driver challenged.

With a weight of less than 1700 lbs, the base turbocharged 300 hp engine moves the Saker SVS GTA with the speed of an exotic street car. Optional powerplant upgrades can easily top well over 400 hp, making the Saker SVS GTA a formidable opponent in sprint or endurance racing - no matter what the competition."

Specification Saker SVS GTA
Roll Frame: 8 point roll assembly 1.77 X .098 (wall thickness) DOM mild steel
Mid engine configuration: 56% Rear 44% Front
Suspension: Front and rear double unequal wishbone (adjustable)/ Hypercoil springs / Adjustable Moton dampers
Body: Fiberglass / optional Carbon Fiber (fully adjustable rear wing)
Stock Engine Package: 300hp Subaru WRX (EJ20) 2.0 liter turbo / Optional engine packages available up to 450hp
Transaxle: Subaru WRX 5 Speed / Optional 5/6 Speed with straight cut gears and dog rings rated to 1000 HP
Brakes: Tar•Ox 6-pot / 320 mm vented discs / Steel braided lines
Weight: 1675 lbs (light-weight option available)
Wheels: Front 15X12; Rear 15X12 - 3 Piece Simmons racing wheels
Track: Front 67.5 "; Rear 70"
Wheel Base: 100.98"
Length: 159.449" (13.29')
Width: 72.05" (6.003')
Height: 40.16" (3.4")
Ride Height: 2" (adjustable)

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